Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Breakfast: Day 6

Today is the last day of the Christmas Breakfast series. I'm kinda sad and a little relieved. I actually have a couple more breakfasts to share with you, but I'll save them for 2010. If you missed any breakfasts here they are:

Today I offer you one of my most favorite and simplest breakfasts ever- Cinnamon Toast. I've blogged about it before when I first started blogging and it sits in my archives with 2 little lonely comments--one of them is from me. It's something that I love so here it is again.

Mr. H first introduced this specialty to me and we have it a few times a month. What's great about it is that you can make as many or as little as you need with not much effort. You butter your favorite bread, sprinkle liberally with cinnamon sugar and bake for 15 minutes in a 350 degree oven. It's buttery, slightly salty and sweet (if you use salted butter), crunchy on the edges and softer in the middle. The best part is the cinnamon and sugar bubbles up and creates a flaky crust on top of the toast. Mmm, it's pure bliss in minutes!

Cinnamon Toast from Mr. H

  • Sliced Bread (2 per person) (we like Nature's Own Honey Wheat)
  • Salted Butter, softened
  • Cinnamon Sugar

Spread softened butter on sliced bread. Place on a cookie sheet and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar- about 1 tablespoon per slice.

Bake in a preheated oven at 250 degrees F for 15 minutes.

NOTE: These can be made in a toaster oven but it's best to only do one or two slices at a time because the underside doesn't toast up as well. The oven works best.


Here are the last of my holiday decorations. I promised Shelly from Cookies and Cups that I would post pictures of my Christmas Story villages. She made some awesome cookies of Ralphie in his bunny suit and a leg lamp my husband would love to have. So fun!

Here is another cutie! My wooden reindeer planter. My FIL made this one year when he was sponsoring a wood shop class as a local high school. He and all the kids in the class made one to take home to their families for Christmas. So cute. I look forward to pulling him out of the attic every year.

While we're speaking of cute, I wanted to send out a special thank you to my dear friend Janet who sent me these gorgeous and tasty cookies. I love them Janet!

And finally...I've finished my cookie boxes! Whew! In them were these yummy bacon and egg cups along with 6 other cookies.

Ta da! I've delivered 2 boxes to the neighbors and the rest I'll give to my family on Christmas Day. I wish I could give you all a box of cookies.

Thanks for following along with my Christmas breakfast posts. I hope you all make and eat some yummy things tomorrow morning. Merry Christmas Eve!


Jean Badgley said...

wow you have been working hard..your cookie boxes look yummy....My Mom used to make a type of cinnamon toast too...I always think of her when I hear the words cinnamon toast.

Thanks for all your breakfast ideas..I think for sure one or two will make it two our table this week..Jeanie

Katie said...

I'm going to miss your breakfasts. The moment I saw the top pic I though 'ohh I bet thats cinnamon toast' it looks divine!
Your friends and family are in for a treat with your yummy cookie boxes. Have a wonderful Christmas

tamilyn said...

Beats my methond of putting it in the toaster, spreading with butter and sprinkling on the cinnamon and then reheating in the microwave!

Memória said...

LOL! I was going to write the same thing as Jean about you working hard. Everything looks perfect! I totally forgot about cinnamon toast; I love that stuff! I'll be missing your breakfast series as well.

Happy Holidays!

oneordinaryday said...

Way better than sprinkling from the cinnamon-sugar spice jar! These look super yummy.

And, my gosh, what beautiful cookie boxes! You would make Santa very proud! LOL

Zsofi Anna said...

Those are utterly delightful cookie boxes. Lucky recipients! :)

cookies and cups said...

oooh, gorgeous! love those villages. Great, now I want to start a collection, my husband is gonna love that! Leslie at Hungry Housewife says she has an ACTUAL leg lamp up in her house at hilarious would that be?!?!
also, I really can't get over the pretzel eggs and bacon, I know I commented on them before but, cute. I am running to target today to buy the stuff to make them.
hope you have an awesome holiday, and btw, my kids thank you in advance for the cinnamon toast recipe ;)

Cat said...

only two original comments? well, i have to say that this is one of the coolest recipe ideas! my husband LOVES anything cinnamon, and i know he's going to love these too. and, they're so much easier than cinnamon rolls ;)

i've been making several of your recipes this week, since finding your blog. my pumpkin pie cake is in the oven right now.

thanks for sharing with us!

Keeley said...

Those bacon and egg cookies are adorable! You are so talented!

Heidi said...

Merry Christmas. I want that cinnamon toast!!

Gretchen said...

I have absolutely loved reading your blog. I have been checking in every morning to see the next recipe you have posted. I love how you arranged your cookies in such pretty boxes to give away.
I'm off to the kitchen to make your cinnamon toast for my little guy. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Janet said...

Good morning and thank YOU for another amazing breakfast. I love indulging in your breakfast creations without having to do the dishes! Ha!

The village scene is precious and that Reindeer plant stand is a keeper!

Merry Christmas - this year I am grateful for finding your blog and a great friend behind it!

Julie said...

I love cinnamon toast like that with that little bit of crunchy thing going on on top.
Wishing you the merriest of Christmases!

Treehouse Chef said...

That is my kind of breakfast!!! I love those Christmas cookie boxes. Merry Christmas! I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year. It is a happy blog with many delicious recipes and photos.
Blessings in 2010.

food with style said...

i have loved all your breakfast posts, was a super idea! heck i love all your cooking, who am i kidding! your pics are just plain edible!

wishing you a very merry christmas and thank you so much for sharing at food with style!

Foodiewife said...

Your days of two comments are way in the past. LOVE cinnamon toast! It's been such a morning treat to see your breakfast recipes. I am in awe of your beautiful cookie boxes. (Hangs head in shame).
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Leslie Harris (de Limon) said...

I've always loved cinnamon toast, but have never thought to bake it. I usually make mine on a griddle.

I too, will miss your daily breakfasts. But can't wait to see what you'll be surprising us with in 2010.

Merry Christmas to you and Mr. H!!!

Lissaloo said...

Breakfast was great, and the cookie boxes look so yummy. Merry Christmas Monica! :)

Mara Campbell said...

Seriously, cinnamon toast is the best breakfast ever. And it's a great lunch and dinner too. Thanks for all the breakfast ideas!! And your Christmas decorations are wonderful, as are your cookie boxes!!

Happy Holidays!

Ingrid_3Bs said...

So, you take care of the indoor Christmas decorations and Mr. H the outside ones? I'm still waiting for the outside view. Btw, can we get a total inside shot to get the full effect?

Darn it you got cookies! I seriously thought someone would take pity on me and send me some. LOL! Love how you packaged up your cookies, sooooo pretty. Mr. H had to be thrilled with all the chocolate goodies you made.

Grimmy said...

I think this is my favorite one of your 7 breakfasts!! I haven't had cinnamon toast in FOREVER!! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.

KP said...

Oh My this toast is amazing!!! I am eating it right now and I can't stop. I totally see this being my go to snack, especially when I am craving something sweet but don't have any cookies laying around!!!

Unknown said...

Another great breakfast! I've eaten cinnamon toast for many years now but I've never prepared it this way. Will need to try it out. Your village is lovely and your cookie boxes are exquisite! Mine looked nothing like yours. Great job!

Debbie said...

What a great looking box of cookies! So nice. The breakfast looks tasty also. Have a wonderful holiday Monica!!!

Jessica said...

I made this cinnamon toast a couple of weeks ago for my daughter and neice. They are so picky that I wasn't sure they would eat it but they LOVED it! They were asking for 3rds.......good thing I made extra! Thanks for an easy breakfast fix :) Have a Merry Christmas!

Hennifer said...

oh my! Your presentation on your cookies boxes is so beautiful!

Can we get a list of the cookies you did?

We've settled on trying the yeast free cinnamon rolls tomorrow, and maybe a few slices of cinnamon toast, Mr. H style.

Merry Christmas!

Kerstin said...

I really enjoyed all your breakfast posts and definitely want to make those pancakes - yum! Cinnamon toast reminds me growing up, I should totally make it sometime!

mj said...

Hello, I just happened upon your blog this evening and I love it! I will definitely bookmark and stop by often. This Cinnamon toast post took me back to my childhood. I haven't had that special treat in many years. Now that you have reminded me of how delicious it is, I will have to make some....soon! Thanks!

Adele said...

My husband and I lived off cinnamon toast when we were first married and very poor. We haven't had it in a while, but I think it just comes in cycles for us when we have it more often... I think I'll make it tomorrow morning... Yum!

~Mo~ said...

That reminds me of when I was little, my Elementary school had cinnamon toast, and it was baked in the oven. It was so good!, our school cooks prepped and cooked our food.

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