Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Balance Bar #BalanceShapeUp Challenge

I was given the opportunity to partner up with Balance Bar and Walmart to try a "new to me" product. I've heard of and I've seen Balance Bars in stores but I've never felt compelled to try them until now. In the past, I've eaten other protein bars and they all have a similar texture and taste. I'll admit, I was a little skeptical and didn't think I'd like these but I did! 

I was given a Walmart gift card to purchase Balance bars and other Summer essentials in the #BalanceShapeUp challenge. I chose these four flavors as well as some sunscreen, a Puddle Jumper for Hayden and some eos lip balm. I'm not a naturally athletic person but I try to eat healthy foods. I do have a major sweet tooth though. I was recently asked if I baked something everyday- when I was working on the cookbook I baked almost everyday but there's no way I have the time or energy for that. There are three of us in this house and we cannot consume that much dessert. I make one dessert once a week and my husband is an ice cream junkie, so our freezer is usually stocked. Every day around mid afternoon, I get a sugar craving. Sometimes, I'll have an iced coffee or a yogurt. sometimes I'll sneak an Oreo but lately I've been more mindful of my snacking. I still indulge in those treats but I've been replacing a sugary snack with a Balance Bar and a glass of water. Each bar has 13-15 grams of protein, vitamins and minerals. It not only cures my cravings but it keeps me full until dinnertime. 

I'm a big fan of chocolate, so I chose Double Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Craze, Caramel Nut Blast and Honey Peanut. I went for the Caramel Nut Blast and chocolate flavors first and found they were kind of chewy and tasted like protein bars. But I was quite pleased with the Honey Peanut flavor. It had a softer, smoother texture and no vitamin after taste. I would definitely like to try other flavors and will be keeping some in my pantry as well as in my purse for days when I need a snack and don't want to cave in to fast food. Thanks Walmart and Balance Bars!

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