Friday, December 5, 2008

E For Excellent!

I'm a slacker, so I'm just now passing it along, but a few weeks ago Christine of Easy Recipes gave me this prestigious award :-) How cool is that? Thanks Christine!

I think I can pass this along to any 3 blogs I wish, but I'm going to stick to foodie blogs this time around. Of course I'm assuming that I'll get another one of these later down the line...we'll see.

Anyway, these are my foodie friend picks.

**Rachel from Five Year Plan because I admire her "plan". It's tough to decorate cakes and make them look like works of art- here's proof. She's practicing and making beautiful things in attempts to make a living out of baking and cake decorating. I think that's awesome.

**Dawn of Vanilla Sugar because I love to see her latest cravings! Some of the stuff actually looks good, some of the other stuff is questionable, but it's always fun to see. We all eat weird things, only she blogs about them. That, and when I look at some of her entries, I actually drool :-)

**Jenn of No Lemon Juice because this was the first foodie blog I ever followed. In fact, she inspired me to start this blog. And because I love that she has a "Disaster" section. People (especially Food Network Stars) always talk about how good their recipes are and she's honest to say they suck when they're not good. I appreciate the sincerity. Because let's be honest, not every recipe is good.

Okay ladies, pass on the love!


vanillasugarblog said...

thank you sweetie!
I haven't done a "latest craving" for a while...hmm it might be time.

Christine Ho said...

I'm a slacker too, not having posted any recipes on my blog for a while.... :P

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Well first I'd like to thank the Academy... :)

Thank you! The way I cook, a disaster section is necessary! The name of the blog came from one of my worst disasters. I made something so bad the DOG wouldn't eat it.

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