Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow: Round 2

We're still in DC and it's snowing again! It really is so pretty. The flakes just fall on the tip of your nose and melt. It's been so long since I've actually seen this much snow and while I'm glad to be a part of this weather that the area is experiencing, but it makes for lousy travelling conditions, no? We were scheduled to leave out of here tomorrow morning (Wednesday) but we've been delayed until Thursday evening. And that's still not a definite.

To those of you who are unaware of why we came to DC at this time of year during this crazy weather... we came for a military funeral. We didn't know that there was supposed to be so much snow until the day before we left and the service was Monday morning. Leaving yesterday was not an option and flights have been cancelled today and tomorrow so we are at the mercy of mother earth. If we were just on vacation for pure pleasure then we would have rescheduled.

An anonymous commenter left a comment on my last post about the snow and seemed to be offended by the fact that I didn't feel the weather here was indeed a blizzard. I guess the beauty of it all is that we're allowed to have differing opinions. I am certainly not offended by those of you who disagree with me. That's kind of like when I complain that 40 degrees F in Texas is cold when it's in the teens in other parts of the states and people tell me I'm a wimp. It's all a matter of opinion and it all depends on what you're accustomed to and should be taken with a grain of salt. No malice was intended.

Anonymous, I'm sorry that you felt I was making light of the extreme weather the northeast coast is experiencing. I, in no way think that this is a joke. I never said that and I don't feel that way. I did mention that this storm is/was dangerous and people were stranded at home and living without electricity. Buildings were damaged and trees collapsed. Traffic is horrible (if you can even manage to get your car dug out of the mound of snow it hides underneath) and a lot of businesses are suffering because of it. I get that. The poor lady who delivered breakfast to our room Friday morning is still here at the hotel on a Tuesday! She's been living at the hotel because she can't get home because public transportation isn't running. She has been working double shifts because they're understaffed and is working from 6am-2pm, then she takes a nap and goes back to work from 3-11 pm. No, I do not take that lightly and I greatly appreciate her all the men and women who are doing the same.

I've seen a blizzard. Well not in person. But I've seen pictures of a blizzard (in Texas, mind you)and the snow was covering my grandma's house like a tidal wave! They opened the front door and they were met with a wall of white! That to me is a blizzard. But if you haven't seen that, then I would understand why you felt otherwise. I acknowledge the DC area is indeed experiencing a lot of snow and wind and it is overwhelming. So please don't think that because our visions are different that I am being insensitive to the regions of people who are in the midst of this snowstorm.

I could go on but I won't. I just wanted to update you all with where we are and let you know why I haven't visited your blogs in a few days. And also to let you know that I appreciate each and every one of you who subscribe to my blog, to those of you who have added me to your favorites list, to those of you who email me to tell me that I inspire you. That is so humbling to me and it overwhelms me sometimes by how many people actually read my blog. I thank each and every one of you who stop by and encourage me. You are the reason why I continue to do this. I would never purposely say anything that would offend or hurt you in any way. If I have please accept my sincere apologies.



Ingrid_3Bs said...

I haven't read that post but I'm pretty certain it was obvious that there was no malicious intent. Grrrr! It is also obvious the anonymous commenter is not a regular reader of your blog otherwise they would "know" you and know that you are a generous, kind, and thoughtful person.

I hope you know that many of us admire you and think you ROCK Monica!
~your fan in FL and not a afraid to leave my name, Ingrid!

Rebecca said...

Oh goodness, I'm a lifelong DC resident and I totally agree with you: not an actual blizzard. A mess, to be sure, but not like out west/north. Don't listen to the haterz and have a wonderful visit! Get home safe and be warm :)

Future Grown-Up said...

If it helps, I grew up in the midwest and have had a fair amount of experience with blizzards. From my perspective it wasn't a blizzard but I guess if you're not used to storms like that, it might be a gray area to anonymous.

That said, gorgeous photos again! I love the one of the capital especially.

Diana's Cocina said...

Monica, that blows my mind. I can say the other night I sat up and read page after page of your older postings. The one thing I can say is I have not read any malicious intent NONE! All I know is that your blog is fun, creative and you are one heck of a cook/baker. Girl, stay warm and don't worry about the haters! Life is tooo short. Hurry up and come back to Texas and whip up something awesome.

PS~I'm not a stalker, hee hee! ;)

Hennifer said...

Oh that first photograph is absolutely lovely!

The one thing I'm wondering from your entries is whether this impacted the funeral? I certainly hope not.

I hope you are able to get home sooner than later and stay safe.

Thinking of you,


Mini Baker said...

that first photo is AMAZING! I've never EVER seen snow like that... in fact, the first time I saw snow was last year (at age 21 haha) and I only saw it after snow season was over... and at big bear! I need some impressive snow like yours!!

Leslie Harris (de Limon) said...

The pictures of the snow are gorgeous. And I hope you and Mr. H are enjoying your time in DC. I will be praying that you two make it home safely and soon.

Monica, I don't know you personally, but you seem to be a very nice woman. I read your other post and didn't think any of it to be mean spirited. The comment from Anonymous is an isolated event, and I hope you will not pay too much attention to it.

Memória said...

Awww, you are so sweet. Don't let that comment bother you. I totally get what you mean about a blizzard and based on your photos, I wouldn't call it a blizzard either. No matter, just go on with your life and vacation, and ENJOY YOURSELF! You live only once, so don't let the small stuff bother you.

I hope the funeral was okay. :(

Joy Tilton said...

I read the blog and to me it meant the snow did not come in blizzard form, you know like white out. I have never been in a blizzard but I have a tv and I've seen a blizzard so I knew what you meant!

cookies and cups said...

wow, monica! It is such a testament to the person that you are to write a formal apology about the "blizzard" comment. I reread your original post and didn't think it was insensitive at all. It does show, however, that people are affected by the things that you write and for that you should feel empowered. You have an opinion that people care enough to take time out of their day to either agree or disagree with you.
You're awesome :)

Michel-lee said...

I've been thinking about ya. I hope you guys make it home very soon.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

That was lovely of you to apologize to Annonymous and whomever else might have taken offence to your last post. I come from a place where snowfalls like what you're experiencing are not uncommon. And although they're extremely upsetting for many people (those who are stuck in places they shouldn't be, the extra financial strain it can cause, etc, etc), there's also beauty to be found and laughter to be had. Perhaps those are even more necessary in that situation.

Keeley said...

Monica, I love that first photo! I wish I could get out of my home to take some pics, but we're under a state of emergency... again. Hopefully there's not to much drama over the "blizzard" controversy. I'll say this: I've always lived in the Mid-Atlantic and we're just not used to 36"+ of snow. Therefore, we don't have the resources or driving skills to deal with it. So everything shuts down and people freak out. I was in an accident less than two weeks ago because someone else wasn't driving appropriately for the conditions. It's life. So... maybe it's not a blizzard, but you know how some people can be. I know I appreciate the state of emergency because I have a long commute and I'm terrified of the crazy snow drivers.

As always, I love your blog and your honesty. You rock.

Misc Momma said...

You haven't made it until you get a negative anonymous comment. So, congrats! You've "made it". :) Hope you get out of there on Thursday!

mbc said...

Be safe, but enjoy! The photos are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I never said there was any malicious intent in the the original post bashing the blizzard conditions in the DC area. I did say it would have been nice to be a bit more sensitive to the weather conditions in the mid-
Atlantic. It is not as if I personally declared the weather a blizzard -- you can see it all over the news (national and local). I am a regular reader (or was). No longer. I do not appreciate being singled out. When you have a blog and allow comments it is okay to have dissenters. I chose to voice my dissent and I was polite. I was not rude nor did I bash you personally. I expressed an opinion. As far as the apology? It was a backhanded apology. But I appreciate the attemp.

Sue said...

It sounds as if you may be staying even longer!

I'm sorry someone upset you. That is the problem sometimes online, you can't hear the tone of voice or see the face...sometimes people take things the wrong way. Your apology was gracious...don't let it bother you.


Unknown said...

Some people look for reasons to pick and be rude. Your blog is a delight and if someone can't deal with a simple difference of opinion - especially when you are there experiencing it, too - they should toughen-up. I mean, really? They go to the trouble of posting the definition. Sounds like someone has too much time on their hands...

Debbie said...

Monica, I've been visiting your blog for a while now and you are a sweetie for sure! Don't let anyone get you down. For goodness sake, do we have to tiptoe around what we would like to say on our own blogs....gee. The weather here in Virginia is very bad. Period. I've lived on Long Island and the snow there can be even worse. So what....it is what it is.....keep blogging girl....your recipes are wonderful!!!!

Erinne said...

Dear "Anonymous" - have you ever heard someone use "Turd in a punch bowl" as an expression?
You = Turd
Monica's Awesome Blog = punch bowl

Your super sensitivity is ridiculous. Perhaps the all that snow is freezing your heart???

Additionally, you claiming Monica's apology was backhanded is indicative of your negative mindset. There are tons of blogs where people enjoy being nasty to each other and this is not one of them.

Monica Rocks!!! If you are truly a regular reader than you should know that she never says anything negative, nasty, or judgmental. Find somewhere else to nit-pick!

Monica H said...

Erinne, thank you. That made me laugh.

It really upsets me when someone thinks I have offended them because that is not what I intended nor is that what I enjoy doing.

It's also really sad that she (I'm assuming it's a "she") felt singled out. Because *I* was clearly singled out for "bashing" the blizzard conditions. Or that's what she felt. Now she no longer likes me and my blog because she didn't appreciate my apology. I don't have time for that and I realize I can't please everyone, though I try.

You win some and you lose some.

Turd = ha ha!

xoxo, Monica

Erinne said...

Monica - Sure thing!!!

My mom and I are loyal readers and just made a ton of your sugar cookies. I think she's going to send you a photo (or already did).

We love your blog and bake/make things from it all the time. You give Martha a run for her money!

Erinne =)

Monica H said...

Erinne- i think she did send me a photo and I loved them. You two did a great job and I am so jealous. I am itching to get in my kitchen and bake!

Thanks for your support.


Joy Tilton said...

Bless your heart, this is really bothering you. I had an ugly remark one time and I just deleted it. It too bothered me but somehow erasing it helped me to put it behind me. You have much to offer on Lick the Bowl and I don't want you to feel discouraged, we are going to keep coming even if you do leave the water on while you brush your teeth...

Anonymous said...


It was indeed a blizzard, despite your opinion. Just like a hurricane is a defined storm. Me not thinking its a hurricane makes no difference.

ECM said...

Anonymous - I thought you weren't coming back to this blog???

Not to be unfriendly, but take your sorry self and get out of here!

b said...

Ok SERIOUSLY?!!! Do people not have better things to do than gripe about something so innocent?? I mean really. REALLY! Your comment was meant with no intent of malice. GET OVER IT!

I do however appreciate knowing the technical definition of a blizzard. Helpful for just in case times!

Unknown said...

Monica...don't you think people who really feel strongly about something should leave their name?? For pete's sake...we can all call anything anything we want!!

Meredith said...

This is rather random, since I've never commented here before, but I I hate when random people take offense to something small and obviously not meant maliciously, and use it to make other people feel horrible.

So don't feel bad! You're perfectly entitled to your opinion! While I do think, technically, it was a blizzard, who cares? I'm from Boston, and every year we get insane amounts of snow (with all the repercussions: power loss, car accidents, etc), and I sure don't consider your post malicious. And for the record, what they did get (about 55 inches of snow) is typical of the snow totals we get here in Boston.

Anyway, sorry if I got a bit carried away. It really bugs me when others are negative, and try to bring others down. I love your blog, btw ;D

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