Monday, May 11, 2009

I Heart Honey Butter!

This is a very simple recipe and a quick post because I had an exhausting weekend and I'm tired. This is something I made for Mother's Day brunch that I served with the biscuits I shared with you all last week. Enjoy!

Mr. H is out of town til Wednesday so I'm a lonely girl :-( Maybe you'll get another recipe tomorrow...

Cinnamon Honey Butter Hearts
  • 1 stick unsalted butter, room temp.
  • 3 Tbsp. honey
  • 2 tsp. brown sugar, packed
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1/8 tsp. salt

In a medium bowl, whip your butter with an electric mixer on medium speed til lighter in consistency and color-about 2-3 minutes. Add your brown sugar, honey, cinnamon and salt. Whip to combine.

Serve at room temperature for easy spreading.

NOTE: I had heart shaped silicone molds that I bought a year ago from the Target $1 aisle that were barely used. After the butter was prepared, I placed the butter in the molds and froze them. Once hardened, I plopped them out onto a plate and garnished with more honey and a pinch of cinnamon for color. I refrigerated them overnight and set them on the dining table an hour before the guests arrived do the butter was soft and spreadable. It was a hit and everyone thought it was store bought!

This recipe is easily doubled or tripled.

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!


Lissaloo said...

Those are so beautiful! No wonder they were a hit :)

Kathy said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love honey butter too! I'm gonna have to file this idea away!!!

Donna-FFW said...

This looks so pretty. I am going to try your honey butter.

Maria said...

Love the hearts! They are super cute!! Such a pretty dessert!

Wanda said...

My grandchildren will love this with waffles...and so will I with buttermilk biscuits!

Selba said...

Awww... it's so lovely!!!

Kristen said...

How pretty!

Kerstin said...

What a great idea! They look really tasty and are so cute!

Ingrid said...

Yum, totally making this! Great idea making them into hearts!

Love your photos!

Hope you and your Mom had a wonderful mother's day!

Btw, ALL of your biscuits look great but I think I'd like the flaky biscuit #3 best.

Sophie said...

Wow! I looove this, gorgeous. I want some toast now...or a biscuit :).

Sunny said...

I just made this for dinner to go with cornbread and soup. Oh my goodness, sooooo delish!! Thank you!

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