Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Please Help!!!

I have been asked to make a birthday cake for a 2 year old boy. The birthday is next week (Wednesday the 19th).

I have figured out how to decorate the cake (a sea theme) and I know it will be frosted in buttercream. I have purchased all my supplies from my favorite bake shop, but I need a good cake recipe.

The family said I could make whatever I wanted as long as it wasn't chocolate. The boy can't have peanut butter or honey, but all else is fair game. I was thinking either a white or yellow cake or a version of it, but I want it to be good and moist. I don't want it to taste like a mix or a grocery store cake. I want them to think it's a beautiful cake, but I want them to remember what it tastes like.

Got any suggestions? Please only suggest recipes you have tried or made yourself. I can look online or in a cookbook all day long, but I want your taste bud opinion :-) Or if you haven't made one, please suggest a recipe that has been taste tested.

Thanks Y'all!


Rachel said...

My best successes have been with a mix, sometimes with flavoring added. I take them out the minute they are done. Cool for about 5 minutes, remove from pan, wait about 30 minutes and wrap in plastic wrap. They come up very moist.

The only non-mix recipes I have been happy with wouldn't be appropriate for a 2 year old, sorry.

Anonymous said...

I made the most awesome chocolate cake last night. It's in Barefoot Contessa at Home cookbook called Beatty's chocolate cake or something. If you need the recipe, email me, i'll get it for you. The batter was really runny for a cake and I thought I ruined it, but it really was fantastic. I didn't care for the icing recipe that went with it, but the cake was gooood.

Monica H said...

I have made that recipe and it is very good, but they don't want chocolate.

That's my problem, I have a ton of yummy chocolate recipes!

vanillasugarblog said...

I will email you a classic vanilla recipe that always scores big time. Maybe two recipes....

Jen Yu said...

If you want a moist cake, try to make a chiffon cake soaked in a simple syrup. I have several on my blog, but you may want a chiffon cake recipe that hasn't been adjusted for high altitude (all of mine are baked at 8500 ft.)

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