Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Musselman's Winner and LTBG Is On Facebook!

The winner of the Musselman's prize pack is commenter #56 Julia from cook&burn. Congratulations! Julia please email me your address.  

Thanks everyone who entered my giveaway! I promise you a real post with a recipe is coming soon!

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On a side note, Lick The Bowl Good is on Facebook. Yay! "Like" me if you're interested in keeping up with my daily baking and cookbook updates. The FB badge is on the left sidebar. 

Someone has been into my almond jam bars. I'll give you one guess who. Hint: He left his pacifier behind as evidence. 

Yup! Hayden! Look at that stinker. He thinks because my face is hidden behind a camera, I don't see him. There is no shame in his game. 


Foodiewife said...

Hayden will become your official taste taster. He's just in training right now. Cute.

Kristi said...

Love the picture of Hayden sneaking a bar. Adorable!

Julia said...

I'm very excited about winning and I finally sent you an email with my address--sorry about the wait!
Thanks sooo much!

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