Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nestle Pretzel Dipped Drumsticks and A Pizza Party

Last weekend, we invited family over to our house for a make-your-own-pizza party. Everyone got involved and had fun decorating their personal pizza crusts with an array of toppings. It was interesting to see that the men went straight for the meat (sausage, bacon, pepperoni) while the women added more veggies. Since I was putting pizzas in the oven and taking them out, I got to oversee everyone's pizza making skills. Some chose lots of sauce, some opted for a drizzle of olive oil instead. Some loaded up the cheese while others just wanted a sprinkle to hold everything together. 

This party was fun for me and easy. I started earlier in the day by chopping up the veggies and browning the meat and just set everything in small clear bowls. I covered them all up, placed them on a large cookie sheet and into the fridge it all went. We had mushrooms, spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, crumbled Italian sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, breakfast bacon, and pineapple along with shredded mozzarella and muenster cheese. If you're looking for a different yet affordable way to feed and entertain a crowd, pizza making could be the way to go. Who doesn't like pizza? And the best thing is that no one can complain about their dinner because they made it. 

For dessert my mom made a lemon cheesecake, I made a banana pudding dessert and we also had Nestle Drumsticks. As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program, I received a couple coupons for free Nestle Pretzel Dipped Drumsticks. Only we got so full after eating pizza, that we didn't enjoy the ice cream treats until the next day. I was really looking forward to this new flavor and I am and always have been a fan of Nestle Drumsticks. I like the original peanut covered variety with vanilla ice cream while Mr. H likes the chocolate version. No surprise there. This pretzel dipped version takes the typical waffled sugar cone, filled with vanilla ice cream then dipped in a dark chocolate shell, with pretzel pieces. 

I was really looking forward to the salty sweet combination of the Nestle Pretzel Dipped Drumsticks, however the end result was a little underwhelming. Don't get me wrong, they were good but the salty pretzel was virtually non-existent. The Drumsticks come in a package of 4 and I had to open up all of them to find one that had more than just a couple pretzels pieces on top. I think the idea is good in theory but the pretzel essence just didn't come through for me. However, I do have to say that the Nestle Pretzel Dipped Drumsticks served along side a handful of mini pretzels was quite delicious. I especially liked taking the pretzel and scooping up a bit of the vanilla ice cream- yum! I think Nestle could have added the crunchy pretzels pieces on top of the chocolate as they do with the peanut variety for more flavor or maybe they could have gone with a salted pretzel cone? 

All in all, I liked the Nestle Pretzel Dipped Drumsticks but I'm not sure it's a flavor that I'd buy on my own simply because it was just like eating a chocolate covered ice cream cone. You pay extra (Target had them for 20 cents more than the original Drumsticks) for the pretzel nuggets and they're just not there, at least not in my box. Thank you Nestle for sponsoring my pizza party and for allowing us to try the new flavor of Drumsticks. Please consider getting a box this Summer and giving them a try for yourself and remember they're a seasonal  product so don't wait- they'll be gone before you know it!

Disclosure: NestlĂ© has provided me with free product and other items in order to help with my review, but anything I receive from Nestle does not affect my thoughts on its company or their products. 

Enjoy a Drumstick and have a Happy Memorial Day!


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend.

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful Memorial Day :)

Heather at Kitchen Concoctions said...

What a fun party! I love doing 'food bars" when I entertain.

Susan at said...

So fun - what a great party!

Gemma said...

Wow, your pictures have just made me soooo hungry! Wish they were available in the UK!

Paloma said...

I am not a fan of Pretzels but those Pizzas looked amazing! :) How fun to make your own pizza, isn't it?? :) Thanks for sharing good stuff always!

Janet said...

I felt the same way you did... They need to step up the pretzel action for BOTH Of us!

Love to you!

Janet said...

PS - Nothing wrong with those pizzas!! Yum!

Allie said...

I have always wanted to have a make your own pizza party! Yours looks great! It is just the inspiration I needed :) I hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

Unknown said...

What a cute idea! Love the pizza party idea! I'm not a fan of pretzels with chocolate. It stinks these cones didn't live up to snuff.

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