Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Great Bribe

Mr. H and I have struggled with infertility for the last 2 and a half years. We've had two stillbirths (Sam- August 06 and Jack- February 07) and have been waiting til the time was right to try again. It's been a very long journey, but we've made the decision to try to conceive again. We're hoping this time we come home with a live baby.

What does this have to do with gelatine hearts? Well, Mr. H's grandmother used to make him Knox Blox when he was a little boy. He hasn't had them since then and his grandmother has since passed away. When my grandmother had breast cancer and was in the hospital last February, I found a pristine 1974 issue of Ladies Home Journal. It was so surreal to glance through and I almost stole it from the waiting room, but I thought it needed to be shared with others. But while flipping through the pages, I came across an ad for Knox Gelatine and a recipe for those famous blox.

Mr. H asked me to make these for him and I refused. I made a deal with him 1 year ago that he would get his Knox Blox when he got me pregnant (you see for a long time I wanted to try again and he didn't). I am not pregnant, but since we're one step closer to getting there I figured I'd finally make his gelatine. The only stipulation was that they had to be hearts.

Fruit Juice Knox Blox
  • 4 envelopes Knox Unflavored Gelatine
  • 1 cup cold fruit juice
  • 3 cups fruit juice, heated to boiling
  • Few drops food coloring (optional, see note)

In a bowl, sprinkle gelatine over cold juice; let stand 1 minute. Add hot juice and stir until gelatine is completely dissolved.

Pour into a 13x9-inch pan, chill until firm. Cut into 1-inch squares or cut into shapes using cookie cutters.

NOTE: Make sure you use clear juice. You can use orange juice or other nectars, but you won't get that shiny translucent effect that the clear juice gives. Also, make sure the juice is the color you want. Hold the jug up to the light in the supermarket to see the true color of the juice. I used cherry juice and it was a little pink so I added a few drops of red food coloring to make them more vibrant.

Happy Valentine's Day!


The Food Librarian said...

These are fantastic Knox block hearts. Best wishes to you and my fingers are crossed!

Selba said...

Lovely hearts...

Good luck to you and Mr. H!

and... Happy Valentine's Day.

Donna-FFW said...

Monica- These are utterly charming! So pretty, simplicity at its best, I'd say. And my MOST heartfelt wishes to you and your DH.

vanillasugarblog said...

Oh my dear I send you my best wishes. I'll keep my toes and fingers crossed for you!!!

Cookie said...

What a great story! Good luck to the both of you. I'm sure everything will turn out for the best. These are SO cute, BTW!

b said...

Well I look forward to seeing these again in the near future! Prayers for you and your hubby!! May God Bless you and keep you.

Ingrid_3Bs said...

Aw, I'm sorry. I hope that all goes well and am sending positive thoughts your way!!!

I liked the way you set up your shots! I really did to work on that.

Maria said...

Cute hearts! Happy V-day to you too! Best of luck to you and your husband!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing! I LOVE your food blog, and I think you have some of the cutest and creative ideas!

I am so happy to read that you are going to try conceiving! I have been a long time follower of your "Still Hopeful" blog, and I was sad to see that it went "invite only". I would love an invite...I'm a 33 year old mother on one living child, and one angel in heaven.

my e-mail is



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