Friday, April 12, 2013

Hayden Eats: The Sequel

When Hayden turned 6 months old, he got his first taste of solid food and I documented and shared it HERE. Well today I'm sharing with you a few snapshots of my little stinker eating momma's creations. I've been super busy trying to get all the cookbook baking and photographing done. I have less than three weeks to complete everything. In the meantime, my boy has a mouth full of teeth and he's putting them to good use. 

I think it's funny that he takes bites of stuff I'm photographing. I'll be taking a picture of a beautifully plated slice of cake, then all of a sudden a little hand will appear in my window frame, followed by "mmm mmm". He doesn't think I can see him on the other side of that lens. 

"I don't need a fork. I got this."


"I didn't do it."

He LOVES turning on the mixer. He pushes the kitchen chair over to the island and turns it on and off, on and off then starts laughing. It's kind of funny til he drops stuff into the bowl full of creamed butter. 

The other day I heard movement in the kitchen, followed by sounds of a moving chair. I walked into the kitchen to find him sitting on my cake plate on the kitchen table, grinning ear to ear. The boy is a comedian. By the way, when did my baby turn into a toddler. Dang!

Hayden drives me crazy at times, he opens the dishwasher, stands on the door and pulls out dirty dishes. He opens the pantry grabs the maple syrup and spills it all over himself. He tries to eat ketchup, marshmallows and Old Bay seasoning on a daily basis. He's figured out how to work the microwave, insists on helping open the oven (with a hot pad in hand) and tries to sit in the refrigerator every time I open it up. His helping isn't always helpful but I wouldn't have it any other way. I am so grateful for those precious moments and I realize how much he learns every single day and how independent he is and that makes me proud.

And no matter how frustrated I get at him or his messes, I look at this face and I melt, then I laugh because I realize he has Cool Whip in his hair. I am wrapped around this beautiful boy's sticky fingers and toes. 

I'll have a recipe and a giveaway for you soon. In the meantime, have a blessed weekend everyone!


From the Kitchen said...

"Sweet" photos. He's adorable!


Stacie said...

He could never spend time with me...the curls and the eyes would let him get away with just about anything!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Oh my goodness.He is growing up so fast. Sounds like there is never a dull moment around your house.Have fun. said...

What a fun time. I'm so glad that you have it documented with your beautiful photos!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! I love that picture of him attacking the cake with his mouth. That is definitely a win for him, haha.

Selba said...

He is totally adorable! So nice to see his photos :)

Heather at Kitchen Concoctions said...

What a beautiful post Monica! Hayden is such a cutie!

leonieke said...

He is such al beautiful boy! Time for him to have his own little kitchen next to yours! And - dont't know if its any comfort :-) - my daughter used to sit in mij refrigerator ( when we cleaned it and it was empty) till avout eight years old! She allways yelled: close the door! And loved thelight going on and out. Crazy kids.

Carol<>< said...

how sweet is he.... looks like he out grew the cake plate.
enjoy these moments.
Carol N<><

Luray said...

Such a little darling! It is such fun to watch him as he grows. Takes me back about 35 years to my own two babies.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I want those curls. He's adorable.

Trish Butler

Ashley said...

This is too cute!! From your stories, it sounds like he's a lot like my rambunctious toddler! Adorable!

Unknown said...

Noooo! Not Cool Whip!! hahaha

Hayden looks so freaking cute!!! I know you're glad he loves your yummy treats!!

I can't wait to see your cookbook!!

Abby said...

I love the one of him biting the cake! And he looks so big! When did that happen?

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