Saturday, March 2, 2013

An IHOP Gift Card Winner!

The winner of the $25 IHOP gift card giveaway is commenter #31 Melissa of My Recent Favorite Books. Congrats Melissa! Please email me your mailing address. Thank you to everyone that entered the giveaway sponsored by IHOP. I hope despite not winning a gift card, you'll all head over there and try the new Griddle Melts! Have a great weekend!  

My Father-in-law (left) and Hayden (right)

But before I go, I wanted to share a photo with you. This is a picture of my Father-in-law, Bob, on the left in 1942 and a pic of Hayden in 2013. I'm amazed by their similarities- such beautiful babies!


My Recent Favorite Books said...


Wow! The similarities are amazing between your Father-in-law and Hayden! They look like twins!

Im so excited to win the IHOP gift card giveaway! Thanks so much! =)

Melissa @ My recent favorite books

WendyFromNY said...

I never commented here before, but I love your blog! I had to comment on the pictures of your son and his grandfather. Absolutely amazing how similar they are! As Melissa said, they could be twins! (Congratulations, Melissa!)

leonieke said...

that's a big simularity!, your husband does not need proof :-), just wanted to tell you i made the banana peanutbutter cupcakes,. and they were great! even my famillymembers who do not like peanutbutter enjoyed them.
thanks again, you are my most used cookbook!

greetings from the netherlands,


vhoiten said...

Both babies are beautiful! when my daughter was an infant, she was the spitting image of my dad as a baby, nearly identical. She looked exactly like me (still does, "carbon copy") but she was identical to her "Pa" as a baby! It's great isn't it?!

Unknown said...

Wow! They both look so much alike, it's insane! Genes, gotta love them. :P

leonieke said...

Nothing better then to start the morning looking for recipe's on your blog, while laying in bed with my daughters,. Had to search for inspiration becausw friends come over saturday,.
And ofcourse found it all! Your blog is really all i need when it comes to food.

Thanks again, i m a fan!

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