Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Family of Eyes

Several months ago on my other (private)blog, I posted pictures of my eye(s). I also took a picture of my husband's, my dog's and my rabbit's eyes. This time I have retaken mine and also included my sister's at the request of Niobe. Enjoy!

My eye with mascara in natural light. Can you see the reflection of my lashes on my eyeball? Cool, huh?

In natural evening light with a reflection bouncing off my eye, without eye makeup.

Autumn's eye and lashes.

My bunny rabbit, August's, eye. His long lashes look like old man eyebrows...ha!

My honey's brown eye.

My sister's grayish brown eye.

What color are your eyes? Better yet, take a picture of them and send me the link!


Selba said...

Everyone got beautiful eyes!!! But my favourite one is Autumn's eye and lashes, hehehe....

Anette said...

cool... i love pics of eyes ;)

here's a few of mine :):



i know the pic of cat eyes isnt so close i just really like it.. you can actually see alot of detail in the eyes.. :) i've got a few of my eyes on the computer where you can really see the reflection from my hand and my camera.. cool:)

Anette said...

sorry.. didnt check if the links worked before i posted them. by the way.. what camera / lens do you use ? :)

Rachel said...

Very pretty.

Ingrid_3Bs said...

Those are cool. I've never seen pics of eyes before. I'm gonna try & take photos of my families. Thanks for the neat idea.

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