Sunday, January 4, 2009

In My Stocking

For Christmas, I got a few kitchen goodies in my stocking and I thought I'd share.

I got a funnel set from OXO that has a strainer in it. You see, I have always convinced myself that I don't need a funnel that they're a waste of money. Then when I need one I have to go out to the garage and steal one of my husband's paper funnels. Then I tell myself that I am going to get one. I go to the store, I put it in the basket, then before checkout, I take the funnel out of my basket once again convincing myself I don't need one and they're a waste of money. It's a vicious cycle. So my honey got me some.

I also got an OXO Y-shaped peeler. I have a regular vegetable peeler, but I've read that the Y-shaped ones are easier to use for peeling things such as squash and thin skinned fruits. I haven't used it yet, but I'm sure I'll like it. I have a regular OXO peeler and it works really well.

I got 2 packages of Crate & Barrel holiday cupcake liners. They're so cute. They're red and green polka dots and stripes. I can use them for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo and Christmas! I'm so excited to start making cupcakes.

Well this wasn't in my stocking...I got a beautiful footed cake dome from Crate & Barrel. I don't have anywhere to store it, but it is so pretty. My husband's birthday is next month, so his cake will probably be the first one in it. I'm sure he planned that. I just love it!

What fun stuff did you get in your stocking, or under the tree?


Anonymous said...

I love your cake dome! I am beginning to want to collect cake platters and domes, but our house to too small. Homegoods has a silver one and a cute red and pink one that I was drooling over the other day.

So far I have 2. I keep my crystal one on top of the refrigerator, and the glass one with rosebuds is stored in the linen closet. Mine actually get used quite often, last weekend for storing the pancakes to keep them warm before lunchtime.

The Food Librarian said...

Every time I go to C&B, I stand in front of that cake stand and drool. I think the salespeople think I might have rabies.

Sounds like a wonderful holiday season for you!

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